Everyone knows that the secret to the best streak free faux tan is the preparation you do prior to using any tanning product, If you didn’t let us talk you through the best way to prep the skin for our Hero product “the Amalfi Glow Drops” and achieve your best glow possible.


The Amalfi glow drops are designed to be added to your daily moistures which absorbs deep into the skin giving you a gradual controlled glow. This is only achievable if the skin is clean fresh and free of any dry or dead skin.


Tip 1: 

EXFOLIATE !!!!!!!!! Reading this you won’t be able to understand that we are screaming this so we hope the exclamation marks will do the trick of how important this step is. Why is this step important, Exfoliating removes any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This will allow for a smooth, soft surface for the application our Amalfi glow drop to be applied to which in terms limits any streaks of uneven groves of the skin for the DHA to action evenly.


Exfoliators We love !

For the body we Love The frank body original coffee scrub because its full of antioxidants oils which leaves the skin plump and hydrated.


For the face we suggest something a little more gentle like a lightweight. We advise The original pink clay mask by Sand and Sky, which is deeply detoxifying and refines pore in less than 10 minutes.


Another amazing face mask is the The Summer Fridays jet lag mask. The mix of vitamins, ceramides and antioxidants is designed to be left on for 10 minutes or even over night to leave tired skin super nourished, hydrated and radiant.


Tip 2:

Wax or shave at least 24 hours before or you'll whip off half of your glorious yet old golden tan. Use a new razor when shaving for the smoothest finish. Waiting 24 hours before applying your Amalfi Glow drops to assure any small cuts to the skin have healed and the skin has had time to rest.


Tip 3:

If you are going to have a shower before applying our Amalfi glow drops or any other faux tan make sure before exiting the shower you do a quick rinse in cold water, this will allow for any pores to shrink and close up.


Tip 4:

Our Amalfi glow drops are designed to be used with your favourite serum, moisturiser or oil, Here are some of our suggestion of moisturisers that work best with the Amalfi Glow drops,

( On how to apply the Amalfi Glow drops to your moisturiser see our step by step guide called YOUR DROPS YOUR WAY. )

Our favourite is the QV moisturising cream which you can find in most local pharmaceutical stores and super affordable and works perfect. It’s a highly concentrated moisturising cream helps repair and protect dry areas such as elbows, knees and hands. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Our other favourite Moistures to pair the Amalfi glow drops with is the drunk elephant Lala retro cream. It’s made up of a blend of six cold-pressed African oils and ceramides delivers instant and sustained hydration to revive dull, parched skin. While the texture is thick and creamy, the formula never leaves skin greasy or oily, making it perfect for normal to dry skin perfectly pairing with our non greasy lightweight Amalfi Glow drops. This product can be found in Mecca


Tip 5:

Always use a mitt. Our Minor Mini Mitt with be the best sick kick to our Amalfi glow drops and best most comfortable accessory to your preparation routine. The surface of the mitt is flat which allows for the Amalfi glows drops to be applied evenly in a circular motion to make sure you cover all surface and don’t miss any sections.. The size of the mini mitt means it helps in the hard to reach places like the ankle, knees and in between the fingers…..


Tip 6:

It’s all about the confidence from within, if you’re not glowing inside you won’t glow on the outside no matter how much tan you use so make sure you enjoy and use this preparation time as some quality you time !!!

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